Tensei Jinsei Chapter 42

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Stranded Chapter 2

Chapter 2:  Triplets (4 years old)
It's been 1 month after burial ceremony end. While Hagoromo didn't drown in sadness and continue his life normally, his 3rd son, contemplating in the sadness he receives that day. Unknown to him, that his son is a person of 35 years of age, just a little bit younger than him. but, much smarter and wiser than him in regards to Life.

He named his son after so much time, he needs 1 month 2 week, to search for a name to his 3rd son. At last, his youngest son receives a name...

The first son, named O-otsutsuki Indra.

The 2nd son, named O-otsutsuki Ashura.

While the 3rd son, named O-otsutsuki Izana.

Leonardo Yuusuke, as the 3rd son of Ootsutsuki Hagoromo, receives his name as Ootsutsuki Izana in this life. And at that time, he already knows about the history that will happen, and what change he make to the world with his appearance that will change the history of the world...

'Hey, Narrator... it's you who inform me, not me knowing it... I am afte…

Stranded Prologue 0.2 + Chapter 1

Chapter 0.2: Old manIn a certain time in a certain world, there lived an old man. 

That old man is a human, a normal human being that always filled with curiosity. However, after a long, long time. His curiosity never lessens, instead, it's increased more and more until he uses a certain Dao(path) to make himself live longer. 

The Dao path that he took is a Dao of Knowledge... It is a vast Grand... Natural Dao, that stood alone in the existence of all Dao... 

He had taken the path for a long, long time... Ever since the primordial Era into another Primordial Era again... No matter how many civilizations did he encounter, no matter how many knowledge did he drink, and no matter how many researches did He do... He never stops Drinking, until a Certain Desolate Era... The Desolate Era is the n-th of his unknown Cycle he lives. 

In that Era, nothing happen.  
For a long, long time... Nothing happens... 
No existence in the world except for himself, no being except for himself... no one exce…

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