Chapter 46 has come!

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Well HERE you go for the chappy!
Ah.. dilemma~

Tensei Jinsei SS Politic Dispute 2 (43-44)

Sorry for the delay, although it should be before chapter 44~~ well~~

HERE you go!!

Chapter 45 has come!

Sorry for the long delay! will continue to translate in June since RL has been busy...


Tensei Jinsei Chapter 44!

Guess who's been back after 1 month long?... orz... This is why IRL is...

Anyway~~ enjoy the chappy!


anddddd the nexxt one will be another Side chapter! well, it should be the side first then this, but... meh~ let's just do it~ :3

Tensei Jinsei Chapter 43

Thanks for waiting! The next one will be a side chapter of the politic 2! we will see it from Otou-sama's POV!

That's all!


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Tensei Jinsei Chapter 42

Chapter 42~!!!

We got to see how OP Christoph is again! lol~~

HERE you go~ :3

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