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Stranded Chapter 2

Chapter 2:  Triplets (4 years old)

It's been 1 month after burial ceremony end. While Hagoromo didn't drown in sadness and continue his life normally, his 3rd son, contemplating in the sadness he receives that day. Unknown to him, that his son is a person of 35 years of age, just a little bit younger than him. but, much smarter and wiser than him in regards to Life.

He named his son after so much time, he needs 1 month 2 week, to search for a name to his 3rd son. At last, his youngest son receives a name...

The first son, named O-otsutsuki Indra.

The 2nd son, named O-otsutsuki Ashura.

While the 3rd son, named O-otsutsuki Izana.

Leonardo Yuusuke, as the 3rd son of Ootsutsuki Hagoromo, receives his name as Ootsutsuki Izana in this life. And at that time, he already knows about the history that will happen, and what change he make to the world with his appearance that will change the history of the world...

'Hey, Narrator... it's you who inform me, not me knowing it... I am after all not reading nor watching Naruto's manga and anime.'

Hey! don't say that! I will get myself a demotion if the upper rank knows what I did!

'... so it's a job...'


'well, I know about it somehow since there's a Chinese Novel that talks about it. Since I am an avid reader of cultivation kind of Novel...'

Well, yeah there is... maybe? I don't really know since I didn't really into it...

'well, Since I already did know about it. to make it simply, my little brothers will make some changes in shinobi world and put a curse in their descendant to make them battle each other until grandma show herself again, and all of it because of my uncle black Zetsu right?'

to put it simply like that... but it's a yes...

'hmm, okay then...'

and they're literally your big brothers you know...

'no way! I am older so I am their big bros!'

yeah, yeah.... just do as you wish to...

after his name, no even before his name being written he's already trying to use his chakra. And Izana, at the 3rd month of his, has already able to fluidly control his chakra, and make it unleash the potential of his quarter of alien's physic.

He tries to Cultivate his chakra, and somehow or another... He succeeds, and start to cultivate his chakra like those immortal in the novels...

Unknown to his father, Izana became stronger and smarter. Just by knowing he succeed to cultivate his Chakra, he is already a genius. but, not only that... at the age of 2 he that already able to run and walk already able to control nature power, that should only be able to do after a person became a sennin.

At the age of 3, Izana, Known as the Genius in the whole village, and his Father Hagoromo, see him as his proud son and pamper him...

"hey hey, Futami ossan(old man)"
"what is it, Izana-sama?"

Futami, a once a thief that being shown the way of ninshuu by Hagoromo, and became his follower in the path of ninshuu. Always stand beside Hagoromo, and always live a life that put him in peace.


Day after day, Izana's Geniuses’ increase at a frightening speed that they creep them out... not just one but almost all... of course this thing make his father and Futami in distress...

However, the person himself who now is 4 and a half month. While playing with his brothers don't act indifferently toward those eyes...

Until 4, there were nothing wrong with his babies except for Izana, so Hagoromo never really think much about it... but when, Izana truly comprehend his power, and could even trigger every element including the yin and yang element that only his father could control...

He goes to his father room and says...

"Father... It's the time for me to go and train in outer world..."
"what! Izana-sama! you are still 4 years old you know!"
"I know Futami ossan... But, I am more adult than you and even father so I could choose this path..."
"Well, father... how about it?"
"I see... you are more adult than even me... but, you're still my child..."
"I know about the clansmen that freak out because of me... instead became a monster that freaks them out, I choose to go free and see the world..."
"It is not true! Izana, they do not see you as a monster... they're just.. just..."
"it's alright father... I too know that... however, there's a history that will be written, and those history doesn't include me in it... at least for now..."
"what do you mean... by that?.."
"It is something that I will tell you father... after I come back from my training..."
"Alright then.. I wouldn't oppose you about this..."
"Thank you father, and please do me a favor..."
"What is it?"
"Erase... no, Lock the memory about me from anyone in the village, not just the villagers, everyone who knows me too..."
"Wha... Izana-sama!"
"it is still a secret for now... at least What I want to tell you father... the same as before, the History does not include me..."
"including me, futami, and your brothers?"
"Yes... including my brothers and Futami but excluding you father..."
"alright then... I will do that, but where will you go my son?"

he just smiles and bow his head to his father, and go out of the room... not answering his father's question...

Then he comes to his room, sees his 2 brothers that still a child and call 'Big bro! big bro! let's play!'...
Izana, 4.7 years old has a physique 110 cm almost the same as a 8 years old. pat his brothers head whose not even 60 cm big... and say a goodbye to them...

Unknown to them, Indra and Asura feel sad. And Crying really loud, while Izana... Leave the village unnoticed except Futami and his father...

"Is it really alright Hagoromo-sama?"
"that child hold too many burdens on him... and too many secrets that he thinks only he himself knows..."
"so the memory?"
"I will seal it... and by tomorrow... no one will know about his existence including me... only after he came back will I remember it again, and only after I unsealed the memory will anyone knows about it..."

His father resoluteness, make even Futami curious about what secret does a kid that not even 5 years old holds...

Meanwhile, in Izana's 2 weeks after being born.
"What!! if that the thing happens then I could never have a NEET life then!!"

of course, you won't...

"I hate tragedy the most! I've got a ton of them in my previous worlds novel and even in my previous life!"

Hee~ you make me curious about that...

'Dip head! I won't tell you that, but now I know what I should do to have a NEET life!'

... how?

'Be the strongest! And solve the problematic family's domestic violence!'

Thus on that day, Izana resolve himself to be strong... 

'It’s not late to even become a NEET after I overcame puberty!'

So he says...
                The child, Izana is a jack in a box. Always full of surprises of the other, not only did he have the intelligent eyes, unlike the child in their babies, he even able to move not long after he’s born. Although it’s only crawling, that by itself is already a big surprise for the villagers, especially Futami who taken care of them every day.
“Izana-sama sure is amusing right, Hagoromo-sama…”
                In the middle of night, Hagoromo and Futami have a conversation between the 2 of them, about how amusing Izana is and how dangerous he can be…
“Hmmm, I believe it will not be, Hagoromo-sama…”
“Huh, How can you say that? Why were you so certain about that?”
“Sadly, it’s because he has the same eyes as me before we met Hagoromo-sama…”
“By that means?”
“Pardon me but, Izana-sama has this lazy attribute in his eyes. By that, I mean that Izana-sama will never do something troublesome without any reason as I have, on that day that you want to repair the bridge, that’ll make me lose my income by swindling others…”
“Fuh… fuhahahaha! Is that so! Hwahahaha”
                Hearing his aide reasoning, he instantly laughs out loud. The laughter he gave, scare the villagers. Even Indra and Asura crying because they started hearing a sudden loud voice, while Izana thinks in his mind ‘the fvk is this old man laughs for… it’s not like there’s a late comedy show aired in this time… wait… they don't have television or something like that in this era… sigh’ but not long after he fell asleep again, after Futami and Hagoromo swinging him in his hands.
                By the time the babies already fell asleep, they start their conversation again with them lowering their voices.
“See, there’s an annoyance in his ways of looking at the time you swing him right? Hagoromo-sama”
“I did see that, and he seems to be just as you said…”
“I believe Izana-sama is a smart person… while at the same time he’s a lazy person. That’s why it’s a good thing that he shouldn’t be pressured. Because in doing that, we will only bring a grievance to him…”
“Hmm, I see…”
“Then again… Believing their children is how parents work…”
“Is that so?”
“Hmmm, even though I’m not sure. Because I’m an orphan, I believe it is so… if there’ll be a chance that I have a child myself that is…”
“Yes… So it’s a thing that my mother’s lacks in huh… to believe in their own children…”
                By their conversation comes to conclusion, the night has come to be a morning. The babies start to wake up one after another and cry for their hunger. Of course, aside from the silent Izana who still sleeping like a log, rolling here and there while having saliva all over his face.
                Izana always brings surprise after surprise, and by the time he’s 2 years old he already able to run, and even able to although piece by piece, talk like a 4-6 years old child. Moreover, in his 3rd year, he’s able to control nature’s energy although only a little and able to talk fluently.
                He’s full of curiosity, many things always questioned, and many things always answered by him. Once a villager asking him about calculation, he answers them nonchalantly, and once he talk back and gives the other villager another question… it’s too hard for them to understand that like ‘if I want to create a house with 5 trees that have a size of 3 grown up, how big can I create a house? And how many wooden boards needed by that? That question makes many speechless and almost cry, even Hagoromo himself confused by that, and then he just answers them nonchalantly again…
                That is too an answer that, when the villagers want to prove wrong… only to find that what Izana says is the truth. Then, he gives them how to count it fast, and how to predict that in a formula…
                Alas, that consideration of his leaving the villagers scared by him. Then, they look at him as something that is frightening, less that many knows… but what they thing is almost the same, that is ‘damn it! If I talk with Izana-sama then I would be discovered as a dumb person!’ the villagers were all nice people…
                But at the time, Izana 4 years old, the gaze they give more and sharper. Because in this time, almost all scared by Izana’s growth… He’s a monster, that already growth more than a normal child. And at a certain time, he will start to attack others…
                Even so, he didn’t really care about their gazes, he continues to play with his brothers, telling them stories before they go to bed, and training his body and soul in order for him to reach more and more stronger power.
                Lest did he know, that the him that always talk to an unknown entity that called itself Narrator is a landmine that planted before he realizes. He depends on the entity in order to receive more information, and the entity entices him to go out of the village, to let him go and explore the world, in order for him to satisfy the entity’s reason to talk to him.
                Thus, the day for him to left the village has come. And, in order to not change the history, and create a butterfly effect and change the history of the world, he further asks Hagoromo to seal all of the memories about him, no matter who it is…

                Sadly… he didn’t know, that, this world and that world is a different world with only the same name and past because by the time he came into being… the History already revolving into a new story that will foretell another Tragedy that has yet to occur… 

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Stranded Prologue 0.2 + Chapter 1

Chapter 0.2: Old man

In a certain time in a certain world, there lived an old man. 

That old man is a human, a normal human being that always filled with curiosity. However, after a long, long time. His curiosity never lessens, instead, it's increased more and more until he uses a certain Dao(path) to make himself live longer. 

The Dao path that he took is a Dao of Knowledge... It is a vast Grand... Natural Dao, that stood alone in the existence of all Dao... 

He had taken the path for a long, long time... Ever since the primordial Era into another Primordial Era again... No matter how many civilizations did he encounter, no matter how many knowledge did he drink, and no matter how many researches did He do... He never stops Drinking, until a Certain Desolate Era... The Desolate Era is the n-th of his unknown Cycle he lives. 

In that Era, nothing happen.  
For a long, long time... Nothing happens... 
No existence in the world except for himself, no being except for himself... no one except for him... 
He's been researching many of thing in the world, many occupations in the world, many dao of the world, and many religion that come up in a thin air... 

But, he never found anything... 
Every genius that he met, is a real Geniuses... 
However, no matter how long did He try to live with them, they can't satisfy his curiosity. 

Until at a time... A new life starting to begin its Cycle again... 
A first Life of the Era... 

It is a measly ant. It's a measly ant, that can't even divide it the cell. Can't cut it, can't fragmentize itself. And can’t even think by itself..... 
At last, the ant died... 

However, when the Ant died. The bacteria began to create their selves, the bacteria start to decompose the Ant's corpse, and create another measly Bacteria... then they divide their self... 

Another long Era End and the old man feel dejected... it is... his lifeline as a Researcher, and a holder of Dao of Knowledge will end... 
However, it is another Knowledge that he will get... When he die... It is another world that he will see... 

The Old man has seen many things, many persons, and many advanced civilizations that met its end. 
Now, is the time for he... to meet with his long dead family, in the afterlife... and the time for he to explore another new realm... 

Meanwhile on the Internet 

Mr A : Umm, what're we talking about again? 
Sister D : Hey, stop with your changing topic Mr A! I still Preaching Ash Here! 
DAoist Lord: yeah! that fuckin' dense protagonist always gets himself a gal and leave the gal without even have a date!! look at me! i am a 1000 years old and never even met my Dao companion! 
Hegemon A : heh~ a measly Virgin like you? ah... doesn't that mean that you've become a Warlock DAoist lord? or is it already a Super Hyper Grand wizard? 
Ash! : hey... having fans doesn't my fault right? I'm a popular person after all! And I gotta catch em all! 
Sister A : Stop that, you dimwit! don't you know that you get NTRed by that squinty friend of yours! 
Sister D : told him, my Sis! 
Ash! : wha... what are you talking about?... 
Sister A : Believe me! that Squinty must be in a harem of his Jen*y, J*y, and Mist*, and Da*n, and Even that M*y of you! 
Ash! : ... 
Sister D : yeah! that's why you've never met with him again! and I pretty curious about that young mother of yours... 
Sister A : sigh... now you start to thinking... 
Ash! : alright guys... now I want to go back home so... see you later! 
Sister D : GO! catch em all barehanded! 
Ash! leave the conversation

DAoist lord: ... I fear that I will need to wait another 1000 years to find my Dao Companion...

Hegemon A : sigh... Woman are Scary...

Mr A: ... ... ... 

Sister A : What do you mean by that!

Truck-san : hey guys... we're not talking about me anymore?...

Staff : [Warning] Please stay in a conversation that not give misunderstanding to other people and do not threat another user 
Sister D : sorry, getting a little irritated... 
Old man : hey... you guys get even more longer line than me... orz 
Hegemon A : wait... you've got your section wrong Old man... 
Old man : look who's talking... you've even continued your group chat in my chapter... did my chapter the main or yours group chat the main... orz
Earth, 2040, month 7 day 15, in a certain developed Island.

                “fufufu, this brats is sure funny…” giggle the person in front of computer while reading the chat room he has.
“While, it’s worth the time I spent of telling my life from before I’m here… and the thing here sure is a good invention, ‘Internet’ huh… it sure will be a humongous invention that’s never happen in the world that full of dao… By itself… this world is almost perfect… If this world is always in peace that is…”
                The eyes of the person, a man in his 30s while looking at the screen of the PC, showing sadness in it…
“Sigh… who do you think you are Eins… you’re not a pursuer of knowledge you was once, now you’re only a person who take care of an orphanage in peace, without much conflict and twist… just live and take care of the orphans here, and took care of them…”
                Turning off his PC, he open the closed curtains and see the children playing around outside with smile and delight in their faces. Showing a smile in that handsome face of him, he walk towards the doors and go out of his room.
                Sadly, he missed something important that being posted in the chat room before he left, and strangely… the turned off PC, turned ON by itself… 
                However, the thing is not the main focus that should be told in this chapter. Let it be a mystery until we found out what was that later, and now… The middle aged man, who has been out of his room could be seen from the room, playing with the children with a smile on his face.

Chapter 1 : Triplets

"uwaaa, uwaaan, uweeen" (baby's cry)
'ah.. for god sake! Why am I with a noisy kid! I mean... BABY! I become a BABY!'

In the darkness of night, with lighting from a fire that burned in a straw, the night was just several hour after their birth. Their mother died, because of exhaustion.
Thus, their father Hagoromo... Crying beside the corpse of the before their mother...

Unknown to Hagoromo, that his child will have a never ending cycle of kill and be killed of revenge and enmity. However... because of his foolishness, his children’s enmity will bring the darkness and light of the world. and because the power that his children have, will become a good and perfect way to battle against an unknown enemy that will come as the last tribulation for his kin...

However, there's 1 mistake in this story... yes, Hagoromo's child that should be a twin became a triplet...

'huh? what's this narration about?... why the heck did it says that there's a mistake... am I the mistake?...'


'... did it hear me?...'

I hear you...

'whoa!... eh? why did narration answering me...'

... I blurted it out unknowingly...

'what a weird narration... are you a klutz or are you an idiot?'

hmm... let's just erase it from the narration....

'wa.. wait! that's an authority abuse!'

hey... just piss off and let me end the narration already...

'well... a weird thing is weird... I Cringe myself when hearing a narration in my mind...'

jeez... just stay silent...

' ... alright~ go on~ '

hm, where did I go again... ah! hey, don't leave yet hagoromo! wa... wait! I'm not done with the narration!

' well, bye bye narration~ I'll get myself sleep again like my brothers? or sisters?"

it's brothers...

'Oh, welp then. thanks'

ugh.. your welcome...

Thus, the man leave the room bringing his babies. While leaving his Wife alone in the darkness of the room at that night...


The next day, the burial ceremony of his wife and the triplets mother. The villagers were crying, and the Village chief that is Hagoromo full of sadness. While the babies ignorantly chewing their fingers...

'I ain't do that'

shut up Bug!

'hey... that's too harsh...'

In the first place this is a scene where you should cry... look! your brothers that chewing their fingers start to cry here...

'well... I am an orphan in the first place, so I didn't really... hic.. hic..'

"""UWAAAA, WAAAA, WAAAAA""" (babies cry)

The triplets, while seeing their mother's corpse being buried Cry, at the same time... feeling the sadness, even though they still don't know much about emotion... The feeling of their beloved mother that let them born into this world, separated from them without much of time being together...

thus, after this and that. the burial ceremony ended, and it is the time for them to grow up...

'is my cry your doing?'



yes... I can't do anything except for narrating, lol...

'then... I really cry for someone I didn't know...'

not really... whatever your past is... you are her son after all, and she is your mother...

'hm... so, it is a sadness from being left by my mother huh... what a sad experience...'
'well, step that aside... It's been rude of me, my name is Leonardo Yuusuke, nice to meet you narrator...'

yeah... nice to meet you Yuu...


                The babies had fallen asleep, while strangely, when the Babies gone asleep, the narrator’s voice vanished. The youngest of the triplets, strangely opening his eyes, and began to think… Unlike a normal babies that normally began to sleep, he checking his condition about his new body. Bodies that defy science, a body that already have the ability to control an unknown mass of energy…
‘Hmm, it seems it’s as I expected… no wonder that name of my father seems like something I’ve heard somewhere…’
                While being in a deep think, the Yuusuke moving his hands up and down… training his body, and channeling the unknown energy he has.
                Chakra, that is the thing that the baby though of by feeling it. It is an energy that he understandingly knew just by the feels.
‘am I transported to Naruto’s world?... no, this is not Naruto’s… it’s just have the same background and character… but I feel there’s something different… Well, let’s think about that tomorrow… I seems to be sleepy… ah, this must because of my body… as expected of the baby’s low energy, it can’t even stand for being wake up for a long time in the night huh… zzz’

                The baby fell in deep sleep, breathing softly like a normal baby. But, unknown to him, that some existence he always talk to never once left his eyes off of him, and always watch every things he did…

Stranded Prologue 1 + 2

Chapter 0: Prologue 1

Earth, 2030, month 5 day 15, in some developed Nation.

Leonardo Yuusuke, 25 years old, a normal Office worker. 

Just because I have a Japanese name in my name doesn't mean I like Japanese culture, in fact, I don't really like Japanese culture. 
Just what the heck does it have many fans... Although I pretty much enjoy Anime, but others… well, I am picky with what I like.

I really don't understand other people way of thinking. 
well, at least among all of the Japanese culture I pretty much like 1 thing, and that is... 
Became a NEET... 

huh... sadly I can't. 
I am an orphan, just how could I become a NEET? Who will give me food if I did become 1?! Will you?! 

Sigh... Really... 
Just like this... walking alone in the road after work, and always daydreaming... ah... at least I want to get myself a kiss... 


Lincoln street, intersection. There’s a running away Truck Driver that murder 10 Person that traverse the road. without leaving much of the person's body intact... The incident became 1 of the most heinous hit and run that ever happening. 

The Driver that being caught after the incident keeps saying 'NO! I DIDN"T DO IT!! THE TRUCK DRIVE ITSELF LIKE A H*RNY ****!!" 

We're sorry for the censored speech…

This news close our news today, Jessica Lunart in American time give you a farewell and have a nice day~

                In the drizzling rain, a person that have left his work waiting patiently under the traffic light. While waiting for the light became green, that told the pedestrian it’s alright to cross over. He alone stood there, while in a daze thinking about many things that happen today. Or just have a delusion…

                Not further from him, a driver in a truck grumbling in his driver’s seat.

“ah, my dear truck… You’re a darling for me more than that sl*t of Daughter I have… Seriously, she always brought her boyfriend home just to make me feel angry… I believe she needs to be reprimanded… alas, she’s scarier than her mother… I don’t even dare to reproach her… sigh… Ah, my dear truck, don’t be a slut and accompany me while I’m working or away from home okay~”

                Almost like a denial, the truck ran at a high speed. In order to crush the person below the traffic lights, along with itself to ran away from the driver. As if a daughter that being disgusted by her father, or a worker who ran away from his coworker because of a disgusting remark the coworker make, then find a suitable person in front of them and ran away to seek shelter to them.

“What the!” although slightly late, he stomps the brake, but that didn’t change the speed of the Truck, and *smash* like a fly that being squatted by a fly squatter. The man who stood there smashed into bits of flesh without many stuck to the truck… it’s all splattered into the road or the nearby object…
Not long after the Driver being held in a prison, he’s found dead, because an unknown disease that occurs in the prison. Strangely, there’s no one aside him that being infected by the disease, and he just dead before even the disease found out by the monthly check-up that being held in the prison.
While in another place, to be exact in the auction that being held by the police department, someone bought the truck of the died driver. With a gawk, he shouted.

“Gyahahaha! This great Daoist lord will rule the world with this sentient truck! Whahahaha!”
While driving, he hysterically shouting that, while typing a message in the chat room in a certain site forum…

Chapter 0.1:  Prologue 2

Earth, 2030, month 6 day 16, in a certain developed Nation.

It's a brand new day for me! 
yeah! it's me! 
I've been living like an idiot until I reach 20s, and I've woke up today after hear a nice word that say. "if you're not start to change now, then when?". 

My name is Richard Broke, 23 years old NEET! 
you hear me right! I AM A NEET! 
but, I'm not ashamed of it~ 
It's simply because my neet life give me a steady income of 1000$ every week!  
What work did I do? heh~ I am just a measly low key type of person. 
I did a pretty good job that called a freelancer! I almost did everything, from translating a few novel to doing some editing and consulting about life! 

yeah! you read it right! Consultation of LIFE! hah~ and  I am a popular anonymous after all. every one thanking me that I've make their life straight... 

But the Irony is... that the 'Ironers' is a failed NEET!! 
I could make another people's life straight but couldn't make mine?!! 
how funny is that... orz 

well, it is so. Until I met with this person on the internet that called their selves 'Truck-san'. 
heh, that is a pretty common name in the web novel society, especially in the Japanese’s. 

well, to make it simple! now! I am traversing the road of my life! 
I want to change! and became a good NEET! 
but... how did I do that? 
Sigh... let's come back to my room again... 


"It's been a while everyone, It's Jessica Lunart Speaking as the news reporter on the Scene, as you can see there's an accident happening not long ago that killed 10 pedestrian without leaving their body intact. Just based on the Driver's testimony, he blamed his own stupidity to the Truck's. However, something incorrigible happening on the apartment building in the Benjamin street. In total 2 floor of the apartment were destroyed and more than 30 bachelor and 4 family died in the accident. This incident of the stupidity of the Driver became another Tragedy in history, that leaving a deep scar and trauma for the owner of apartment in another floor, that luckily left unscathed." 

 "now we were interviewing the Driver of the Truck." 
"Mister K, what did you want to say to the viewer to shield you from the charge?" 

"ah... I'm sorry again for the censored words and the verbal violence there... Jessica Lunart here reporting from the scene, and throwing the baton to the studio..." 

Meanwhile on the internet 

Mr A : Whoooa! truck-sama creating another history 
Sister D : the fuck... is wrong with those driver?... 
Hegemon A: huahahaha, hear that follower of mine! believe me! there's a spiritual thing reside in those trucks! 
DAoist lord : yeah, like duh... those spiritual thing seriously like a gasoline, why don't they just reside in gas station... 
Truck-san : Of course, we like to be free and search our life long companion! 
Mr A : whoaa, Truck-san has come! 
Hegemon A: Truck-san? what did you mean? 
Truck-san : well... nothing at all... I just feel weird the thing is happening after yesterday's accident... 
Sister D: well... yeah, isn't this case just telling the viewer’s that's nowhere is safe?.... 
DAoist lord: welp... that's a fact but, I feel really scared now... 
Truck-san: I should try and tame one of the trucks so they could be my watch dog in case of some wild truck appear... 
Ash! : gotta catch em all! 
Hegemon : you just go back to your game! you immortal character! 
DAoist lord : Even I feel envious of that stupidity of yours and your longevity and those admirers of yours Ash... Seriously... 
Sister A : yeah! don't you feel sorry for them?! I mean, They love you and you leave them to meet another girls?! 
Ash! : ummm, guys. you maybe mistake me for another character here... 
Mr A : so... what did we talking about again?
“What the fuck! I just let my eyes gone for a while and the fucking truck gets stolen! Then the fucking thing being held in a auction again… seriously… what the heck with this sentient truck…”
                The man grumbling while he headed towards the police station to get his truck back to him, only to found that the truck has already ran away by it… Of course the police think it as a theft, but the person himself knows the truth while grumbling…
“dang it… I’m afraid to see another victim will come… I shall obliterate that demonic things once and for all… sigh…”
                While crest fallen, he himself continue to walk, while searching for the truck’s location…

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Tensei Jinsei 38!

Hey guys! iz been a while!

well, my exam and lazy period were almost over so, I believe I can provide more chapter sooner or later so please wait in anxiety! :p


well, this is my original story so feel free to read it and please share your opinion about this okay! thanks!

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Cycle 1 chapter 7: 1st War – Total Defeat (II)

Cycle 1 chapter 7: 1st War – Total Defeat (II)

How I envy my brothers, for them to be able to admire each other as a boy… I too am the same, I too am the same. Want to admire sir Lynn… but what could I do… the more our age grow, the admiration towards him become a love… I am always want to admire him in a not Love kind of admiration, but a pure admiration like a child to his grandparents..
However, Sir Lynn were not older than me… moreover, he’s even younger than me… He’s always so smart, and gentle, and so smart and more gentle and … and… and amazing! Not only did he strong, he always so.. so… soooo humble…
Never once did he brag like others noble child about what he can do, what he expert of,  and what he loves… and that’s somehow too lonely for me… I want to stand beside him, and share stories with him… I want to know more about him, and I want to understand him more…
But, this time… the always calm Sir Lynn… is somehow very anxious. The first thing he did was asking for permission to meet with the king, my father… I wonder what make him so anxious…
Not long after, after Sir Lynn asking to the messenger to urgently report that to father. The messenger runs about in a hurry. At once, father grants him permission. At the same time, he asked me and my brothers to come too.
Of course me and my brothers arrived earlier, then after all of us sit. Sir Lynn allowed to come in.
“Pardon my rudeness your majesty”
            My father only nod in response.
“leave the manner outside, now I shall tell first about your enga…”
“no, your majesty. I shall first tell you the situation my father’s in…”
            Even though Father say leave the manner outside… He cut father’s words… how brazen…
Father didn’t say anything in response for several second.
“From the letter that came in the dove, they say the battle end fast. And there’s neither casualties’ nor retaliation against the enemies. So, what make you so anxious Lynn…”
“Yes, I believe it’s a triumph”
            Say Father and Big Brother, while looking at the anxious Sir Lynn.
“it’s a trap, there’s a traitor in the army…”
“… are you mocking the other nobles that defending the kingdom Lynn?”
“No, the enemy ran? There’s no way that’s happen… even though I’m not 100% certain but… it’s a trap… I ask for your majesty to allow me lead an army of 200 horse man or just by myself to the wall… or else father might die…”
“yourself? What can you do?”
“… in the first place what do you think I need to for asking a meeting?... it’s all for the deployment order… if I had a deployment order, then I will be able to act independently and cut those damn traitor… With the order, even if I don’t have any justification… I can act in case of the..”
            Then, big brother interrupt him.
“wait wait wait, Lynn hold on for a sec here… what do you mean by trap, could you inform us more about it?”
            Without any word, Sir Lynn let out a map of the wall of the kingdom, the Rieze Mountain region.
“As you see, the location of our base is in the valley between the rocky and unclimbable mountain, thus realistically talking… the unclimbable mountain isn’t unclimbable… there’s way to, but I don’t know how… then, for the truth to unveiled… do you all really believe that Xierz empire’s army will ran after conquering a fort?”
“NO! There’s no way they will! Even an idiot would not let a thing that hard to take to go away just like that! There must be some underlying trap behind this?... but what is?”
            The room became silent… everyone start to roll their head, including me…
“… Baiting our nobles…”
            Answer my big brother.
“Exactly… I’m afraid that this event may take all of our kingdom’s force… and kill every single household that still in the fort… and that is including the 4 Dukes…”
“But, It still a hypothesis”
“It’s a gamble, your majesty… but… if we lose, we won’t lose anything, while if we win we would be able to repel the thing…”
Hm… I didn’t really understand what is wrong with it… but... it’s sounds bad...
            Thus after more and more unknown time of discussion of the probability of a traitor hiding in the fort... I’m fallen asleep...
“Hey, Lia. Wake up...”
            Being awakened by my brother, I rub my eyes…
“It’s done?”
“yes… We approve him, but don’t give him any soldiers…”
“hmm… then?”
“ We forgot about your engagement talk with him…”
“Eh… me and Sir Lynn? Engagement?”

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