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Cycle 1 chapter 7: 1st War – Total Defeat (II)

Cycle 1 chapter 7: 1st War – Total Defeat (II)

How I envy my brothers, for them to be able to admire each other as a boy… I too am the same, I too am the same. Want to admire sir Lynn… but what could I do… the more our age grow, the admiration towards him become a love… I am always want to admire him in a not Love kind of admiration, but a pure admiration like a child to his grandparents..
However, Sir Lynn were not older than me… moreover, he’s even younger than me… He’s always so smart, and gentle, and so smart and more gentle and … and… and amazing! Not only did he strong, he always so.. so… soooo humble…
Never once did he brag like others noble child about what he can do, what he expert of,  and what he loves… and that’s somehow too lonely for me… I want to stand beside him, and share stories with him… I want to know more about him, and I want to understand him more…
But, this time… the always calm Sir Lynn… is somehow very anxious. The first thing he did was asking for permission to meet with the king, my father… I wonder what make him so anxious…
Not long after, after Sir Lynn asking to the messenger to urgently report that to father. The messenger runs about in a hurry. At once, father grants him permission. At the same time, he asked me and my brothers to come too.
Of course me and my brothers arrived earlier, then after all of us sit. Sir Lynn allowed to come in.
“Pardon my rudeness your majesty”
            My father only nod in response.
“leave the manner outside, now I shall tell first about your enga…”
“no, your majesty. I shall first tell you the situation my father’s in…”
            Even though Father say leave the manner outside… He cut father’s words… how brazen…
Father didn’t say anything in response for several second.
“From the letter that came in the dove, they say the battle end fast. And there’s neither casualties’ nor retaliation against the enemies. So, what make you so anxious Lynn…”
“Yes, I believe it’s a triumph”
            Say Father and Big Brother, while looking at the anxious Sir Lynn.
“it’s a trap, there’s a traitor in the army…”
“… are you mocking the other nobles that defending the kingdom Lynn?”
“No, the enemy ran? There’s no way that’s happen… even though I’m not 100% certain but… it’s a trap… I ask for your majesty to allow me lead an army of 200 horse man or just by myself to the wall… or else father might die…”
“yourself? What can you do?”
“… in the first place what do you think I need to for asking a meeting?... it’s all for the deployment order… if I had a deployment order, then I will be able to act independently and cut those damn traitor… With the order, even if I don’t have any justification… I can act in case of the..”
            Then, big brother interrupt him.
“wait wait wait, Lynn hold on for a sec here… what do you mean by trap, could you inform us more about it?”
            Without any word, Sir Lynn let out a map of the wall of the kingdom, the Rieze Mountain region.
“As you see, the location of our base is in the valley between the rocky and unclimbable mountain, thus realistically talking… the unclimbable mountain isn’t unclimbable… there’s way to, but I don’t know how… then, for the truth to unveiled… do you all really believe that Xierz empire’s army will ran after conquering a fort?”
“NO! There’s no way they will! Even an idiot would not let a thing that hard to take to go away just like that! There must be some underlying trap behind this?... but what is?”
            The room became silent… everyone start to roll their head, including me…
“… Baiting our nobles…”
            Answer my big brother.
“Exactly… I’m afraid that this event may take all of our kingdom’s force… and kill every single household that still in the fort… and that is including the 4 Dukes…”
“But, It still a hypothesis”
“It’s a gamble, your majesty… but… if we lose, we won’t lose anything, while if we win we would be able to repel the thing…”
Hm… I didn’t really understand what is wrong with it… but... it’s sounds bad...
            Thus after more and more unknown time of discussion of the probability of a traitor hiding in the fort... I’m fallen asleep...
“Hey, Lia. Wake up...”
            Being awakened by my brother, I rub my eyes…
“It’s done?”
“yes… We approve him, but don’t give him any soldiers…”
“hmm… then?”
“ We forgot about your engagement talk with him…”
“Eh… me and Sir Lynn? Engagement?”

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Tensei Jinsei Chapter 16 V2

19/94 (this thing here is the file name on the drive)
016 Partnership established
奴隷からは開放している  奴隷からは解放している
無理に扉を開けよとしたら  無理に扉を開けようとしたら

ブリュトース辺境伯家  ブリュトゼルス辺境伯家

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 During the time in japan I am an ordinary company employee (salaryman) .
 I’m not an Elite, I really am just like that someone that lying in the neighbourhood if I say that I believe I’ll get scolded, I'm that kind of company employee.
 Graduate from a highschool that can’t be called 1st class, graduated from a university that can’t called as 1st class, working at a company that can’t be called 1st class, I am a normal japanese.

 My hobby is horse racing and once a month deriheru-san(delivery health chappy 1) datta.
 Even my hobby itself is still on a certain extent,  I have a little savings too.
 It’s a shame that I can’t get married while in japan but, I had a girlfriend.・・・ it’s not a delusion is what I want to think.
 ・・・I think I was an ordinary Japanese.

 The company that I work at was a family bussiness, my superior is 2 years younger than me he/she is founder’s family.
 That superior have that position thanks to his family, as his family was the founders even though he has the worst capability.
 It has the feeling like a worker that need to wash their superior's ass and behavior.
 I want to praise myself for being able to work under that kind of superior...

 Then, now I am noble’s 2nd son.
 Furthermore the one that known as large nobility Bryutzels Margrave's 2nd son.
 At that time I just don’t want to became like that superior of mine is what  I think.
 Reincarnated in this world・・・ there's nothing that I hold dear so much that I don't want to die.
 If there is I think I want to know any order or requests from god.
 ・・・some gdt like Revelation is suspicious I think but for now let’s not care about it.

 So I think I should do what I want to do.
 ・・・For now, this is kind of thing were none but, I think it will be good to find it someday.
 For now it’s allright to live idly in Bryutzels Margrave’s house, it’s alright too to govern a little town as a viscount.
 It means it’s alright to live as long as it’s not in poor or dire straits situation.

 Then, while you compare it to japan this place has the advantage as I can do anything as I want my parent is a noble I really could live relaxedly.

 However, pardon me from war.
 At the current situation, even if the war break out I am pretty much matchless, and it won’t be a joke if I became an assassination target.

 So as now I am preparing for matriculation while we advancing variety of talk in bussiness.
 Forcibly changing the story?
 Iya~ sorry, sorry.
 That is also my strong point, creating a magic item that does not run out of  interest while earning money.

 From what I hear from the past I should be a viscount in a small town when I became an adult but, the one who hear this plan is not the healthy me, because father now accepted me as magic genius, henceforth what will happen will be unknown.
 Although initially he wanted the sickly me to became viscount out of pity, but now it will not be a dream to make me a royal court magician.
 ・・・Father seems to think about many things.
 It’s absolutely just Father.

 And I don’t think father will keep me as a pet like existence but,  the one who inherit the house is the number one son is the code in nobility, I think of that like this.
 ・・・As long as I can do whatever I like I don’t think it matters if I am kept as being a pet does it?
 And, I think the brother that I have yet to see thinks me as unpleasant.

 Even so, thinking about the future and about the company while I’m not able to use Bryutzels Margrave house’s name I think I’m allowed to separate from it.
 Building a company to earn money environment will be good whether it will be down I think somehow or another it will be alright, for now it’s all you can use Bryutzels Margrave house’s name.
 Thus I will need to build a business plan to convince father.

 To establish a company I need to buy the 3rd issue of commercial right that priced 100 million S, Bryut company established.
 This 3rd issue of commercial right is a thing that is needed when you want to do business (sales) in metropolitan areas, There’s a need to pay 100 0000 S to Merchant guild.

 From this 100 0000 S here,  70 0000 S will given to the government and the 30 0000 S will be given to the Merchant Guild.
 If you convert the the money paid to the government it will be 10 million yen more or less I think it is a large sum in itself, it might be the same as small to medium enterprises.

 Then, my Bryut company has received Capital limited small scale marketing so I decided to open a store.

 However, about the cushions it will be like always the sale will be submitted to Zebra company after a discussion, so I will sell another kind of magic item besides that.
 I also want to avoid a grudge because of this, above all there’s also a favor of selling my magic item.

 The first production  is Potion.
 There are 2 ways to create a potion, in my case creating water with water attribute and non-attribute and give the water light attribute healing magic but,  because it is in liquid form I can’t write a magic circle in it.
 It means there are expiration date for the potion.
 Normally with the way I make the potion the expiration date will be 1 month and it’s effect will be weaker, when it left alone for 2 month it will become normal water.
 Well~, the probability of adventurer and mercenary getting an  injury is pretty big, because a person who can use Light attribute healing magic is not many and potions are cheap items so it won’t be a problem.

 By the way another way to make a potion is using Alchemy based from the herb.
 The potion that is sold nowaday is using this method so my kind of style of making potion is rarely known.
 The reason why it isn’t known in market is simple, because there are a not many that have light attribute and water attribute magic and, the preparation to adjust the mana is difficult.
 Yes, it’s alright to working with the person that have other affinity but, if there’s no compatibility in their mana it will not recommended.

 Next goods is Power Ring, Forest Ring, Fireball Ring, Water Ring it’s 4 kinds of rings.

 Power Ring will makeStrength 20 UP, while Forest Ring makeEndurance30 UP under assumption of soldier and adventurer can increase their ability and citizen could do heavy work.

 Then Fireball Ring could make fireballs shot out from the ring, the effect is just like that it can be used in battle.
 This Fireball Ring could call fireballs without using mana so, the fireball’s fire power is not so strong but it could became a diversion while in battle is what I think.

 While Water Ring could call a cup of cold water so, the use of this is for drinking water.
 I think it’s a pretty useful item for camps and household needs, it’s the most many that I product.

 As for the company I made Filia the manager.
 But because she is a slave there’s a big possibility that she will be underestimated.
 thus she's been freed from being my slave to ordinary citizen. (T/N: aw... should i be happy?)
 And then I dispatched one of the young soldier from the Bryutzels Margrave house.
 Of course, I’m paying the dispatch fee and for the store to work normally there’s a need to hire a normal person or buying a slave is what I think.

Wound potion 1000 pieces, blood potion 600 pieces, mana potion 600 pieces, intermediate wound potion 200 pieces, intermediate blood potion 200 pieces, intermediate mana potion 200 pieces.

 Filia is checking the merchandise that was stored in the warehouse.
 Because in that warehouse I already stopping the time with space-time magic, so it will prevent the deterioration of the potion, the door to have a mana detection magic so it will not opened unless it’s me and Filia.
 If someone try to opening the door forcefully it will activate a security measure that will let out thunder magic that will make the person pass out.

Power Ring is 200 pieces, forest ring is 200 pieces, Fireball Ring is 200 pieces, Water Ring is 400 pieces, top grade sugar is 500 pots

 I’ve found an interesting nut in this capital.
 When I appraise the nut with eyes of mentality it has 35% of sugar content so I use darkness magic and extract the sugar from it and what I got is castor sugar (sucrose).
 This nut is a seed from a plant that called aburahana (oil flower) but, just as the name say the people in the capital make it into edible oil, thus the thing about high grade sugar is unknown to other people.
 That’s why I get the same quantity of the oil as the sugar so to make the price purchasable I sell it using the pot.

 Commonly 1 pot has the weight of 4 kg of sugar but, but it’s not white rather light brown the one that normally circulating commercially.
 That’s why such a fine grained item like castor sugar that have a pure white color in none,while the brown sugar each pot has 40.000S price my white sugar price is 20.000S so it’s half of them.
 If it doesn't sell I will cry.

Wound potion is 3000S, blood potion is 3000S, mana potion is 5000S, intermediate wound potion 10.000S, intermediate blood potion 10.000S, intermediate mana potion 15.000S. Power Ring is 5000S, Forest Ring is 7000S, Fireball Ring is 10.000S, Water Ring is 8000S, top grade sugar is 20.000S. and then give a 20% discount to a person that bought more than 50.000S worth of items, and it’s alright to give 30% to a person that bought exceed 100.000S


 Honestly potion type and Ring type has gather father’s attention.
 Well, Bryutzels Margrave’s servant even if it only in the capital had 1000 people so there is an experimental environment there, Ring’s had a very high reputation because the effect could be sensed in the training.

 As expected even father can’t get a ring for 1000 people, so if we talking about the servant that are there in the territory, he seemed to stock 300 for emergency case.
 Because even that needed a big amount money, for family I give 50% less than the original price.  

 I assumed that my shop monthly sales are 500.000S, almost a year worth of selling. (T/N: ほぼ1年分の売り上げが転がり込んでくる。)
 The other is Potion type the 3 normal kind is selled 30 pieces monthly, while the intermediate 3 type of potion sold 10 piece monthly.
 Thus I make the same warehouse as the store’s warehouse in Bryutzels warehouse capital’s house.

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Tensei Jinsei 37

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Tensei Jinsei 1v3 - 9v 3

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Tensei Jinsei 36!



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