Chapter 45 has come!

Sorry for the long delay! will continue to translate in June since RL has been busy...


Tensei Jinsei Chapter 44!

Guess who's been back after 1 month long?... orz... This is why IRL is...

Anyway~~ enjoy the chappy!


anddddd the nexxt one will be another Side chapter! well, it should be the side first then this, but... meh~ let's just do it~ :3

Tensei Jinsei Chapter 43

Thanks for waiting! The next one will be a side chapter of the politic 2! we will see it from Otou-sama's POV!

That's all!


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Tensei Jinsei Chapter 42

Chapter 42~!!!

We got to see how OP Christoph is again! lol~~

HERE you go~ :3

Tensei Jinsei chapter 41!

all clear! now! pay your tribute! lol~~ :3

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Tensei Jinsei 40!

2 of the 3!


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