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Neverending Cycle 1 chapter 6: 1st War – Total Defeat

Cycle 1 chapter 6: 1st War – Total Defeat

            The awaken Lynn receive the explanation of what happening after he fell into the state of coma. There, he realizes that he already fallen asleep for almost a month.
            The first things happen after the day of his achievement, there’s an idiotic guard who want to take all his glory away. Instead of achievement, what the guards receive is a capital punishment, because of his stupidity in shouting a warning to the assassins that make the assassins agitated and make them attack desperately, at the same time as his negligence in keeping the safety of the princes and princess, and the heaviest sin of stealing achievement of duke Zhield’s son.
            There’s no compromise of that because of the fury of the crown prince, he was executed at that day. His family bears the grunt of their family member’s sin, but there’s no punishment for them aside from sullied family name.
            Then, in his comatose, the prince and princess visit him several times. Not only that the king himself announce that because of the deed he’s done to the royal family, in protecting the children of the king. The king gave him a title of Duke to Lynn.
            Of course, the king already aware that Lynn is Zhield’s family’s adopted child. And by the kingdom’s rule, even if he isn’t receive the title now. He still will receive the title in his coming of age ceremony at the age of 16. However, there’s still be a pro and con in there.
            In order to avoid that, even though there will be displeasures in another nobles’ eye. It won’t be shown haphazardly. After all, Lynn is a benefactor of the Royal family. In addition, his achievement of killing the assassins from the Black hood organization itself worthy of a title of a Genius swordsman. Although the future is indefinite, early investment is always a good thing.
            Then, several days passed just like that. In those days, Lynn recuperates. Eating and resting, restoring his energy. Even though most of his injury already healed in those weeks of coma, he still very week. After all, he’s still a child. Having nothing to eat lower his metabolism, and digesting the memory he receive itself is a hard thing to do for now.
            However, by digesting the memories of some anime and novels. He got heated up, because many of new knowledge and swordsmanship style he could use varied. He is a person who learns sword art in his infant stage after all. So he unknowingly became a sword otaku…
            In his day of recuperation, he met with his Grandpa from his mother’s side. The disgust on his eyes vanished, instead it changed to curiosity. While his grandmother look at him reproachfully and sad at his weak state he’s in right now.
            Being pampered like this by his family feel’s good. He felt thankful that he isn’t some novel main character like in the novels.
            Alas… his feeling of not becoming an MC of a certain novel stopped… his first battle start, in just 2 year after.
            In the span of 2 year, Lynn had become a pure swordsman. He’s even able to battle against the royal guards’ chief on par, even overwhelming the other royal guards’ member. How did he know?
            In the span of 2 years, his relationship with the princes getting closer. The 1st prince that always being grateful to him treat him warmly, while the 2nd prince look up to him. Even though the princess feels a bit distant to him, there’s a trace of jealousy appear in his eyes. Not to him, but to the 2nd prince. Lynn himself feels a bit awkward at the look in her eyes. But, he’s still can’t say anything to that.
‘I am only an adopted son after all, there’s no way I am worthy of standing beside her… and I didn’t really like a flat chested girl…’
            I guess you could say that, Lynn were being corroded by the big bust big sis that he watch in some adult site from Stewart’s memory… he see others that have no chest not as a woman but a kid.
And somehow or another, the princess was able to see that.
Bad news always came in the peaceful days.
            In the 13th month of the year, Xierz Empire launches their 1st attack to the Riezet Kingdom. In order for them to occupy the vast and fertile territory of the kingdom’s, in the battle there’s a total of 400 casualty in the defending troops.
            Because of the mountainous terrain of the border, the commander that stationed there able to repel 40.000 infantry of the Xierz Empire with only 12000 archers and soldier stationed there.
            So, a direct order to call the nobles and their forces to enter the battle issued. This event creates a disturbance to the circle of nobles. Even so, the first to comply is the Dukes force.
            Riezet Kingdom had 4 dukes that in power, that is the recently appointed Zhield house, the Saber house, the sahm house, and the Lance House. Each of the Dukes represents their household cherished weapon. The weapon that bestowed to them by the king in the day they appointed to be a noble household.
            Shield for the Zhield’s household, Spear for the lance household, Sword for the Saber household, and Bow to the sahm household.
            In a day their forces gathered amount to 10.000 of infantry and archer. It’s only that much because, they must go to the border in the fastest time possible. So those 10.000 soldiers were all elites from the army of theirs.
            And as expected, by the time they arrived at the fort. The border soldier diminished to 3000 soldier in just a couple of day, and all of them in the brink of collapse and mental stress.
            Luckily, the arrivals of the dukes increase their morals. Which resulting retreat from the Xierz Empire that diminished to just 25000 soldiers.
            Thus, the 1st war against Xierz empire result is a total victory from the Riezet Kingdom.
Alas… Victory of theirs… is only an opening to a greater stage which not even an intro of a great play that will start a new era of the continent…

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neverenidng cycle Chapter 5 : Inherited memory

Chapter 5 : Inherited memory

Ah... at last, the guards came! Now I could rest myself....
Oh! No! The assassins trying to give his last attack! i... need... to... protect them...
At last, I’ve saved them... now it’s time to rest...
            With that as the last word in his mind, Lynn whom slaughters the assassins with all his energy dropped to the ground. The Duke that comes late hurried to grab his son.
            While crying his name, Reynold run and brought him to the kingdom’s number one doctor in the carriage in hurry. It’s just like at any time, his son’s life would perished.
            Crank crank crank, the door being repeatedly knocked. Then, the doctor comes out to greet Reynold. But ignored, and Reynold let himself in while carrying his son’s limp body. His escorts tell the story to the doctor. Then, the doctor could only hear in amazement.
            The doctor say that Lynn just get himself exhausted, and tell Reynold to get a rest. Then, Grell and the old duke come in just about the same time as the doctor done tell his diagnose about Lynn to Reynold.
            Being annoyed by the family, he shouted to them ‘Just sit there and look at you son!’ then he left the room.
            While his family being in daze looking at his pale complexion. Lynn sat there in a dark place. Looking at a TV…
            The TV just showing a life of a certain kid, the kid has an amazing ability that called a fragmentary future revelation. But… because of that ability, he has a rough life. And at the end, he died protecting his mother.
“Is this kid’s me? And am I being reincarnated?”
            Is what he thought first, but then Lynn reject that thought… because, he have none of his ability. And the memory only showing itself while Lynn in his deathbed… It’s the same as his baby time.
            Although he’s not clearly remember it, in the time when he picked by his parent. He receive the memory, but that’s it… there’s no recognition, not even a personality of the kid whom he look in the TV.
            But, because of the memory, he has the fast development. He’s able to maximize his body and cell usage. It’s a memory… only a memory of others… it is a sad thing but… the kid in the TV has already dead… but for Lynn. It’s amazing… because the kid’s world, even though it’s not peaceful. The world had its own education system.
            In this world, only nobles Childs had the opportunity to learn. While the commoner had not… This Stewart even has an amusing entertainment called novel, animation, and comic. Not even that. There’s an amazing thing called internet, which could connect the world.
            The thing that would be impossible to do in his… even he himself do not know, is his planet round? Is his continent have divided by sea? Is there’s an ancient civilization in his planet? How big is his planet?  And… how many humans living in his planet….
“the thing is amazing… in the first place… how did they create it? Why don’t you know how to create it! Even though you’re older than but you are ignorance Stewart! Damnit!”
            His curiosity can’t be satisfied, seeing the memory of the dead stewart… no another Lynn in the place called Earth is amusing… but, its only make him feel more and more curious . he seek for knowledge…
            But, most of the time, Lynn himself being amused by the film called ‘Power ranger’ in Stewart’s memory.
“Damn it! Defeat him Red! No no no Blue! Don’t be caught by that damn monster. Hahaha! Pink is cute! Yellow! Don’t be stupid! Nooooo!!! …. Awesome! White ranger has come! Awesomeeeeee that’s cool! Uoo! White is cool!”
            Then he getting hook up by the thing… and mostly having a marathon of it… when Lynn grows up by seeing the film, the film of Stewart’s life. Stew’s big brother, Stew’s big sister, Stew’s mother. Stew’s father…
            At first he envy Stewart’s family, but then he remember his father mother and grandpa… then, he understood how blessed he are.
            Stewart’s memory ended. And Lynn… got sick of the power rangers… then, another Stewart’s memory fly through him, it’s a memory of him reading various novel and comic. Then. Watching animation from japan and america’s…
            Even Lynn himself don’t know how long were he asleep outside, and he himself can’t go out of this place full of darkness, so he could only watch the TV that played various series of animation. He watches many… he read many… he feels many… some animation have the same setting as his kingdom, some novel telling a story sadder than his own life…. And some have many thing that he envy…
            But every one of the experience he gained from the memory telling him one thing… that is… ‘cherished your life’…
            Then, the dark world crack…
The crack goes larger and larger… until the crack, blow itself…
Thus, the previously dark place become white, and bright place… there, stood a person, without a real form. Just a blur.
“it took you many times to come here huh…”
            The blur spoke.
“it’s rude to call me a blur but… oh well, it’s just a narration after all… who cares…”
“What are you talking about?...”
“hmm, ah~ now you’re talking eh Lynn vi Zhield…”
“So… where am I?”
“Not asking who am I first?”
“I don’t really care who you are…”
“haha… that’s rude of you brat…”
“I don’t want to hear that from a censored person…”
“Hey! Just call it blur… what kind of thing do you think I am!”
“Dunno… barf?”
“sigh… I seriously want to hit you now…”
“less chitchat more explanation please…”
“… alright… right now, you are in a place called ‘the subconscious’”
“Yes your subconscious”
“I’m here as an intruder…”
“… go on”
“well… I will tell you just one thing, that is… you will be able to control some substance called ‘plana’”
“What it is, is unknown… because the only one who can use it were only you and… that is a strange substance for me…”
“… why?”
“I don’t know… that is not something I could use after all… that should be me who asking you… why were you able to use it…”
“what can I do with it?”
“I don’t know…”
“What?... then why did you tell me this?”
“well.. it’s something that you will know later, but. Let’s just say, I want to know some karma with you, because my guts tell me that we will cross our path in the near future…”
“the effect is?...”
“ghm… I really don’t know, well… my time’s up, let me go back then… by the way, my name is #####$@%$ see you again Lynn vi Zhield!”
            The place destroyed, the blur goes missing. And, Lynn… wakes up from his slumber…

“Ugh… Grandpa? Father? Mother? Why were you all here?”

Neverending Cycle chapter 4 : unknown state

C4 : Unknown state (1)

     I don’t know which house did he come from, but that Kid seems to be at the same age as Russel. Except for his countenance, he looks exactly the same as Russel’s age kid.
        Well, it always good to make a relationship with the other, aside from that Lydelia seems to took interest in that kid. Look at that face… oh my… he really already have the same charisma as a gigolo at that age?...

        We approach him, and ask to play with us. He seems want to reject us, but looking at Lia’s face, he change his answer.
        Hmm, did he fall in love with Lia? She is the kingdom’s princess after all aside from her tomboy side; she is without a doubt a beauty.
        By the time, he more and more open. And showing his childish side. After all, he just a 7 years old kid. The same as Russel, a spoiled brat. The time goes on, and by the evening. Even though, we never did ask his name. He happen to already know ours, so we’re not really ask him his name...
        But, at the time we reach out of the guard eyes. He starts shouting, ‘GUARDS! COME HERE FAST!’ and Run to us while brandishing a sword… it’s size is approximately as long as my arm, it may be counted as short sword but, that thing still have a weight that could make me soak in sweat if I swing it more than dozen of times…
        But, he… not only use 1… he used 2 sword, it‘s a dual wielding... his appearance with that short sword almost the same as a normal guard while holding a sword. The only difference is their size. At this time I still quite puzzled, why did he brandish the short swords…?
        However, it’s a sad thing. But, I realize the truth not long after. There’s 4 person who comes out from the shadow, and while running, they shot the dagger and several needles to us. No, it’s just me, and my siblings. Still, that kid protects us. Not once, not twice, he continuously deflects that dagger, that flying towards us.
        Times ticking, in my head, every second, every moment is very slow. While looking at the kid who soaks in sweat and blood in front of me. My hand clenching hard, I don’t even feel the pain.
        When I see him, something in my mind calling to me ‘look at that kid… he’s the same age as Russel, but he’s so strong… it should be you! The crown prince whom protecting him! He is at the same age as Russel! Yet… he protects you! Don’t you have any shame?’.
        My heartbeat quicken, my head beating, loudly, the voice become more and more loud. Not even I realize that my palm already bleeding. Then, at the time the assassins fatally wounded. They crazily attacking us together, while the kid who already soaked in sweat and blood… only his back, I could only see his trembling back.
        Even I know that he pant heavily, but, I kept holding my siblings who trembled in fear. I too am, the same… being scared and afraid…
“Prince! Princess!  Stop your attack you damn rats!”
        Don’t fucking shout! Just go there and kick those assassins ass already! Why did you agitate him!
        I mad at the stupid guard who shout, but that just in my mind. While my eyes, focus on the small back, that able to deflect and even kill 2 assassins…
*thud* *clank* *clank*
        The swords in his hands dropped, at the same time as his body. Not even waiting any more second, he pass out. Not long after, the guards were able to apprehend the assassins. Then, the nobles who had a meeting in the castle go out, one by one.
        But, among them. Very fast, a good looking middle aged person running to our position. Looking very pale, in verge of crying. Ah… I know him, he’s the newly appointed Duke, from Zhield household.
Ah… so he’s a kid from Zhield’s household… his name is… Lynn…
Huh?... my vision… is… turning, black…


C4 : Unknown state (2)

Yes, even though we were approving them to rear an abandoned child. We never once see him as our blood related, and adorable grandson. By no means were we, accepting him as a part of our Saber’s family.
Contempt is always being hidden in our eyes.
It is true that he is a genius, at the age of 3 he could already talk fluently. He is a smart child, and whenever he look at us, he never let loose his curious eyes. Until he reaches the age of 5… his eyes… become more adult, and intelligent than our eldest child.
A 5 years old kid that outstandingly smart and perspicacious (sharp witted). With that eyes of his, that already understood about the truth of his origin, but ignore it and keep acting as if he is my daughter child…
How abominable!
“What?! Are you joking?! Don’t talk nonsense!”
“I… I didn’t Duke, I won’t dare to…”
“Then? Do you even realize that word of yours? It’s a damn 7 years old kid! He’s able kill several assassin from the Black hood organization?! Not even you could do it! Even if you battle again one of them 1 on 1! Even the weakest of them is stronger than you!”
            That’s preposterous! What kind of entity is the Black Hood is? It’s the famed assassin from the Xierz Empire! It’s a sure kill royal assassin, that once they done their mission their success rate is 90%! It’s by no means an organization that could be looked at one eyed closed!
            That child… no that grandson of mine… is not a genius… he is a monster that could even kill a ghost from the Black hood… how intriguing…
“I shall take my leave!”
            Hmm, what should I do now?
“Lucie! Let’s visit our Grandson! He’s in a coma right now!”
“Ah! Is that true! Then let’s go! What did you wait! Let’s go fast!”
            Unlike me, Lucie my wife already being in love with that child when the child call her Grandma in his 2 year of age… even though I myself need 4 years to marry her… He just need 4 time of meeting with her to get her fall in love to him. How abominable!

At the age of 3, I am being caught up surprised by Lynn…
“Grandpa… am I not father and mother’s son?”
How… did he know?
“You are their son you know…”
Then he look at me, with an eye filled with sadness.
“Am I your Grandson?”
“You are… my 1st Grandson”
            Those eyes that look more sadder, the more I answered the more sad he is.
“Thank you Grandpa… Then… Let me change my question…”
“Am I someone from the Zhield’s Lineage?”
            That question… it’s not something 3 years old could think of… what should I say? I am confused… there’s a pain in my heart…
“It’s okay Grandpa…”
“HA… what’s wrong with you Lynn? Did you sick or something?”
“a…. no I’m fine… I just want to solve the puzzle. That’s all…”
“What puzzle?...”
“The puzzle of why did father and mothers friend always asking about is my mother already healed, and my mother answer of ‘it’s not. he is my son.’ And mother’s father eyes…”
            That damn weasel!
“… it’s alright Grandpa, I’m not a child anymore…”
            You are still a child! Damn it!
“ha… Lynn, you are still a 3 year old brat… cry, when you want to cry. Laugh when you want to laugh, and… just play as you wish to…”
“no, grandpa. Why should I cry… I think I am blessed… that I’m being picked by mother and father…. To be able, to be their child… to be your grandson… I am blessed…”
            With that… I hug him, and pat his head. But, even then… I didn’t hear nor see his crying face… instead of that… what I see is his happy face. There’s no longer sadness in it…
“Grandpa… can I ask you for a something?....”
“Just tell me”
“Teach me swordsmanship…”
“The training will be hard you know…”
“I will overcome it.”
            Not even once at that time, that I thought he will be able to kill several assassin after only 4 year of training. But, in accordance to that… the price he must to pay, is… he stay in a state of coma for more than 2 weeks by now…
            I could only sit beside my child and his wife, seeing the pale face of Lynn… that getting thinner day by day…
            Ah… never could I think that just for training 4 year… he’s able to kill Black hood Organization’s assassin just with 2 short swords… how amazing will he become in his adulthood…
            No… even if he’s not be able to be something big… for at least he need to be alive more than I could… even if he became a crippled… just by he being alive is enough for me…
            Ah… Lynn, my dear Grandson… please… wake up… play with this Grandpa of yours… You should not come with your Grandma and uncles, you should just stay here with me for now…
“.he’s twitching! Rey! He’s twitching!”
“HAHA! My son! He’s awake!”
            At last! Dear god! I really thank you for your grace! Thank you!

“Ugh… Grandpa? Father? Mother? Why were you all here?”

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Tensei Jinsei chapter 35


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